Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A getaway to the City of Lights with Binoy Nazareth

Traveling is just one of the things that feed my inner thirst for exploring various places and being part of historical and epic wonders across the globe. I Binoy Nazareth never had to plan beforehand for a precarious trip, like my previous abrupt visit to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. For those who are passionate about traveling it’s an icing on the cake when you explore some of the breathtaking masterpiece human creations and the beauty of Mother Nature. Well, this time I set out for a tour of Paris known as “The City of Lights”, the capital of France and among the top holiday destination for tourists and couples. Hope reading about my journey will entice you to make Paris your next holiday travel destination.
City of Lights Paris - Binoy Nazareth

After a three hour flight, I landed in Aeroport Charles de Gaulle which is the largest airport in France and among the ninth busiest airport in the world. Checked into my hotel and took a short nap in the noon which helped me recover from my long travel. I then started my journey to North Dame, a famous Roman Catholic Cathedral located at the very heart the city and is one of the finest evidence of French Gothic architecture. It is said that the construction started in the year 1163 and was completed by 1345. It is surrounded by many sculptures and gargoyles. After climbing 387 steps inside cathedral I reached the top to get a closer view of the huge looming ceilings and magnificent stained windows glasses. While there I came across a mysterious sculpture of a person holding his beheaded head in his arms. This was none other than Saint Denis, who the oldies say walked six miles with his head in his hand.
Charles de Gaulle

From North Dame Cathedral I walked leisurely to see the nearby Charlemagne statue. I enjoyed being in the crowd with people from different parts of the world. The statue of Charlemagne by Louis and Charles Rochet sits on a horse completely made of bronze. The statue has become bluish green in color due to years of oxidation on the bronze surface. Feeling a bit tired, I decided to take a break and headed towards my hotel. After couple of hours in the room, I set out in search of some traditional French food along the streets of Paris and I found Restaurant L’Abeille at the Shangri-La Hotel. This restaurant is famous for its Parisian authentic food and I relished the taste of local dishes, Baguette and Croque-monsieur.

Next morning, I woke up early as I had to cover a couple of more places in Paris during my short and memorable visit. I eagerly jotted down some of the other places I could not cover in my diary for a comprehensive visit later with my family.  The next major venue on my list, the Arc De Triomphe is another marvelous creation of Paris. It is located at the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle and is about 162 foot tall. Here I spent some splendid hours clicking pictures and tasting some of the finest French foods.
Arc de Triomphe Paris

And then as the daylight began to fade, with a sense of excitement surging through me, I headed to the final destination and the place I had marked as the highlight of my short Paris trip. The magnificent Eiffel tower with its shining lights breaking the darkness of the emerging night was a heavenly place to spend some of the most memorable times in Paris. I will forever cherish my memories of enjoying the charming atmosphere of love and joy in the background of the glowing Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Binoy Nazareth’s last visit to Outer Banks, North Carolina

The delightful pleasures derived from short getaways and escapades to new places is priceless. To those who are passionate about travel, every trip provides a fantastic opportunity to interact with new people & culture; and soak in the experience of something that they never experienced before.  The fundamental joys of travel including anticipation and discovery, is nourished and nurtured by these short unplanned trips. This time I decided to brag about my sizzling experience of visiting some of the most elegant and naturally gifted places in North California and its Outer Banks. Due to this being an unplanned trip I had to settle for only four, but four fun-filled days at some of the all-time favorite and untouched reserves of NC. The real pleasures of travel go far beyond the sights, and it’s in the anticipation & unexpected, that you get to live your life to the fullest. So go on and keep traveling, for traveling is bliss and there is no joy like being a wanderlust!

North Carolina known as NC is the 6th most visited state in US and is the 9th largest one in US with a mixture of scenic beauties and historical traits and this diversity makes NC a visitor’s paradise.  I hope this personal exploration and narration of my visit can be a guide to those who are on an unplanned trip with no pre-determined list of places to visit. At your fingertips will be the Outer banks of NC which is full of water sports and attractive tourist destinations which you should not miss when visiting OBX.

After reaching my destination from a day long car ride, I took a long stride on a calm evening that took me to the lighthouse in OBX. The lighthouse of OBX which is a frequent target of professional photographers and has appeared in many magazines is one of the iconic landmarks and goes back in time among rest of the lighthouses in United States. After making myself comfortable on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, I started my adventurous journey by taking a ride on one of the wild mustang horses around the outer banks. These horses have been part and parcel of this picturesque environment which really appears to be totally magical and mesmerizing.

Followed by this, another wonderful and unique experience that I completely cherished is the visit to Elizabethan Garden in Outer Banks situated on Roanoke Island. This island boasts of the history of the first English settlers who landed here over 400 hundred years ago. In each season new wonders are brought to these amazing gardens, which is a must visit place in Outer banks. Being an avid lover of fishing, I can never miss an opportunity to go score some big ones, and this time I hopped on an OBX charter fishing trip, since Outer Banks is known for the various big water species. I came back empty handed, but that’s not the point here!

I also got in a bit of sports in Kilmarlic Golf Club during the evening, later joining for more fun and amusement in Bodies Island. The two light houses located there look spectacular and the island is the perfect beach to relax and forget your worries under the pristine sand. This is a true family paradise. The great Corolla restaurants in Outer Bank NC serving BBQs and southern sea foods are things to die for. One thing I must mention here is, at no point did I feel like a tourist here and it was almost like this place was my home. Great food, excellent sceneries, top-notch hospitality – that’s Outer Banks for you. Go on, be a wanderlust, and experience this place for yourself. I challenge you, it won’t be disappointing!